Apple Vision Pro: Day Two

Last night, I fell  asleep under the stars, the chirp of crickets intermingling with the old radiator’s whistle off in the distance. I just finished …

Storytelling platform Wattpad conducts another round of layoffs

It was announced earlier this month that Wattpad, a Toronto-based storytelling platform owned by Naver's Webtoon Entertainment, had laid off anot…

Problems may arise with the iPhone 16

Although it seems unlikely that the iPhone 16 will launch until September, a recent report regarding Apple's newest model has already sparked som…

What is 5G? Speeds, coverage, comparisons, and more

The next major development in wireless technology, 5G, has been years in the making, but it is finally making its way into the general public. These …

How do portable Wi-Fi hotspots work?

If you need to access the internet while you're on the go, a specialised portable Wi-Fi hotspot can be a good substitute. It lets you connect sev…

IRS Free File: Do your taxes for free

With IRS Free File, eligible taxpayers can use guided tax preparation software to electronically prepare and file their federal income tax returns. I…
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