Scope of Financial Management  Planning Budgeting Managing and assessing risk Procedures PLANNING: is the process of making plans for something. For…

Best Senior Life Insurance

HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS FOR FAMILY PLANS Learn about health insurance, compare plans, get free health plan estimate, and lower their healthcare costs.…

Do I need insurance while travel?

What is Travel Insurance  Travel Insurance is a form of insurance that covers a range of risks that could occur while traveling. It provides financia…

Which sports require a lot of Luck?

GOLF ⛳️  What does golf stand for?   A word GOLF acronym for Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden. God Offers Love and Forgiveness. The word ‘GOLF’ is no…

Business Advantages Cash Rewards

Cash Rewards What is Cash Rewards?  Cash rewards is a bonuses given in return for good or received or that is offered some service. Who own Cash rewa…

Percentage Of Pre-Disability Earnings On A Weekly Basis

Short-term Disability Benefits  What is Disability? Disability is physical condition that limits a person’s movement or activities. Also a handicap, …

Life Insurance For a Child.

What is Life Insurance For a Child?   A Life insurance for a child is a contract with an insurance company. Child life insurance is a form of permane…
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