'Distracted driving' causes car to jump from the road and land 200 feet below: video

Following a crash, Oregon State Police report that a rope rescue was carried out in Clackamas County.
The car is seen in the dirt on the side of the roadway before launching off the cliff on Feb. 25, 2024.  (Oregon State Police Facebook)

An Oregon State Police trooper was in the right place at the right time when a car went flying off an embankment, landing 200 feet below.

The agency reported that the driver's "distracted driving" was the reason behind the mishap on Highway 224 near Southeast Tong Road in Clackamas County on February 25, posting dashcam footage of the incident on Facebook.

The dramatic four-second video taken from a trooper's patrol car shows a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction prior to driving into the dirt on the side of the road and launching into the air, falling below. 

"The vehicle drove off the roadway after the driver took their eyes off the roadway and landed approximately 200 feet down an embankment," OSP wrote on its social media account. The precise actions taken by the driver prior to the automobile flying off the cliff were not disclosed by the police.

Before rescue responders could reach on the site and use a rope system to pull the driver up the hill to safety, the driver who has not been recognised was able to exit the vehicle.

Police said the motorist "is fortunate to have survived," and he was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention for his wounds. 

The car is seen going airborne after leaving the winding Oregon road.  (Oregon State Police Facebook)

The Oregon State Police trooper's dascham video shows a car coming towards them from the opposite direction. (Oregon State Police Facebook)

"Without someone seeing this happen and responding, the crash could have been missed completely," one Facebook user wrote in response to the video post.

This video, posted by Oregon State Police on February 25, 2024, shows a car taking off 200 feet off an embankment.

"I was so intent on watching the road just now saw car fly off to left," another said about the crash that happened so quickly.


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