How to use MTN MOMO in South Africa

MTN Mobile Money App Using MTN Mobile Money in South Africa is a simple task. Everything you need to know about MTN MOMO in South Africa has been dis…

How to switch from Android to iOS [simple guides]

The ' Move to iOS ' is a specially designed app by Apple for transferring files from Android devices to iPhone. This app makes it easier for …

How to transfer money from Google Pay to Cash App

Hand holding credit card Google Pay is a digital global payment app, built by Google LLC for users to be able to send and receive money directly into…

How to contact Instagram customer care service for support

Instagram Unfortunately, connecting with Instagram customer care service isn't easy at all. Like many other social media big platform, to get in …

How to apply for GTbank salary advance

GTBank Building Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) is one of the most powerful financial institution in Nigeria and Africa at large. Ever since it started it…

Hidden trackers attack your program — how to erase them

As long as your phone is on, it is sharing data. This happens whether you have an iPhone or an Android, but one company is tracking a lot more than t…

Twitter: How to directly add DM button to Tweets

Twitter is a social media platforms and it primary job is to connect people and allow them to share their thoughts with audience. On this platform, …
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