The YouTube Channels with the Highest Views and Subscriptions in 2024

Check out our list of the most popular and watched channels on the platform in 2024…

The YouTube Channels with the Highest Views and Subscriptions in 2024

Are you curious about which YouTube channels receive the most views and subscriptions? View our list of the top channels on the platform in terms of popularity and viewership in 2024.

Whether you're just getting started on YouTube or trying to grow, You'll have goals in mind. Objectives. Why not have lofty dreams? Let's examine what you can learn from the top ten YouTube channels in terms of views and subscribers.

What are the most-subscribed YouTube channels in 2024?

T-Series is the most subscribed YouTube channel in 2024. Are you familiar with it? Are you familiar with it? If not, view our list to obtain all the information.

  • 1. T-Series – India – 256 million subscribers
  • 2. MrBeast – United States – 225 million subscribers
  • 3. CocoMelon – United States – 169 million subscribers
  • 4. SET India – India – 167 million subscribers
  • 5. Kids Diana Show – Ukraine/United States – 117 million subscribers
  • 6. PewDiePie – Sweden – 111 million subscribers
  • 7. Like Nastya – Russia/United States – 111 million subscribers
  • 8. Vlad and Niki – Russia – 107 million subscribers
  • 9. Zee Music Company – India – 103 million subscribers
  • 10. WWE – United States – 98.8 million subscribers

1. T-Series

T-Series, an Indian channel, has the highest subscriber count on YouTube as of January 2024. What keeps them so secret? To tell the truth, it's not really that secret: Hindi movie soundtracks and Indi-pop songs are the label T-Series' areas of expertise.

In the nation, it is the largest record label and film studio.… Considering that India is home to more than 1.3 billion people, it is a large nation. And that’s not counting all the subscribers outside of India.

A variety of music videos, lyric videos, remixes, and movie trailers are posted by T-Series. While everything is standard, what exactly makes this YouTube channel the most subscribed to? Their legacy brand is an added benefit. As a well-known cog in the Bollywood machine, they have been around since the 1980s and release several videos every day.

2. MrBeast

MrBeast has most likely made you an offer to purchase a Lamborghini or a new mansion at some point, too. In the middle of the 2010s, the one-man content factory gained popularity. putting up spectacular challenges and extravagant giveaways. He is the highest-paid YouTuber as of 2024. And why?

Well, Mr. Beast—Jammy Donaldson to his parents—is just enjoyable.. The American content creator first caught people’s attention with novelty YouTube stunts, like reading the entire dictionary and counting to 100,000. He’s since branched out, and now people subscribe to see what he’ll do next.

Sometimes, he does heart-warming videos, like paying for people’s surgery. Sometimes, he does things so outlandish you can't help but scoff, like giving his 100,000,000th subscriber an island. You won't find anything like this elsewhere—it's aspirational, enormous-scale material. He is distinct!

 3. CoComelon

Although YouTube is a popular educational resource, not just adults use it. American channel CoComelon teaches kids foundational skills in bite-sized, entertaining chunks. Everything is presented in the current CGI fashion, emulating the type of TV that kids might watch on their own.

Livestreams, nursery rhymes, and original songs make up CoComelon's YouTube content. By utilising the 3D animation that is so well-liked by today's youth and directing it towards learning, CoComelon has discovered a successful recipe. They've even sold content to Netflix, that's how much!

4. Sony Entertainment Television India

The country's second addition is Sony Entertainment Television (SET) India. Though they include highlights, promos, and entire episodes, how did they amass such a fan base? They produce between thirty and forty videos every day and broadcast in a large country, so it might have something to do with their volume of content. 

The well-known Sony brand is also quite beneficial. You'll get a lot of views if you combine that with excellent programming and a viewership that isn't restricted to terrestrial television.

5. Kids Diana Show

In 2014, Eva Diana Kidisyuk was born in Ukraine. She has the fifth-highest number of subscribers among all YouTubers worldwide. Eva experiences new things, overcomes obstacles, and imparts knowledge to younger children while travelling with her brother Roma. All of this is done under the Kids Diana Show umbrella, which her parents created.

In addition to giving parents a role model for their own children, Eva's adventures are naturally aimed at other kids.

6. PewDiePie

Prior to this, the most subscribed channel on YouTube was that of Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, better known online as PewDiePie. Even though he's lowered his profile to concentrate on his personal life and his impending first child's arrival in 2023, ranking sixth on the list is still respectable.

PewDiePie's first popularity came from playthrough videos of games like Call of Duty and Minecraft, together with comments. His usage of certain words in his text has also generated criticism in the past.

He's far more laid back these days and frequently vlogs about his life in Japan alongside his wife, Marzia Kjellberg. Browse any of his recent videos to read comments from fans who have been following and seeing him grow since they were teenagers–his early work contributed to gaining lifelong subscribers.

7. Like Nastya

As with Children Diana Show, Russian-American Like Nastya is a children's show, made for children.Comparable to Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya's Eva from the Kids Diana Show – Nastya for short – was born in 2014. Alongside her parents and friends, she plays, learns, sings, and more. 

The reason for her huge pocket of subscribers boils down to her content being educational, inspiring, and relatable to other kids – her following is so strong that she’s even bagged herself a movie role! It also helps that her videos are dubbed in multiple languages, making them accessible for even more viewers.

8. Vlad and Niki

Noticing a trend here? In the mid-2010s, Vlad Vashketov and his sister Niki Vashketov were born in Russian-American families and have a popular YouTube channel. They engage in a variety of entertaining activities together, such as brand-related material with kid-friendly characters like Paw Patrol. 

Vlad and Niki’s content isn’t as education-based as the other kids’ channels we’ve mentioned, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes all kids want to see is other kids their own age enjoying a great time. That’s what Vlad and Niki offer.

9. Zee Music Company

Here’s our third entry from India: Zee Music Company. Zee owns a large share of Bollywood music market despite only starting up in 2014. This is, in no small part, aided by its parent company, the media conglomerate Zee Entertainment Enterprises.

While Zee Music Company don’t post as often as T-Series or Sony Entertainment Television India, They hold the rights to some of the sexiest and most well-known songs in Bollywood. That itself gives viewers enough reason to hit the subscribe button. 

10. WWE

Turns out people love watching wrestling online. Among the WWE's YouTube videos is a mix of classic matches, new fights, highlights, and interviews. Wrestling does massive numbers both in the live arena and on pay-per-view, but there’s still plenty of value in the free-for YouTube version. 

At the end of the day, professional wrestling is entertainment. The fighters are incredible athletes and actors, selling every slam and hit; it’s something you can enjoy in tiny chunks on YouTube, or sat on the sofa watching live on pay-per-view. WWE is a huge company in its own right, so its appearance as one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels isn’t surprising.


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