How to use MTN MOMO in South Africa

Essential Guides to Use MTN Mobile Money in South Africa.
MTN Mobile Money App
MTN Mobile Money App

Using MTN Mobile Money in South Africa is a simple task. Everything you need to know about MTN MOMO in South Africa has been discussed in this article.

MTN MOMO allows you to perform some certain financial activities such as keep money in your MOMO wallet, send and receive payment, pay for goods and services in-stores or online, etc in South Africa and from the comfort of your smartphone.

People using MTN MOMO in South Africa can also perform various other financial operation, but they are limited to payment service bank (PSB) license. In other words, you cannot perform all the  bank activities, such as issuing of card with PSB license.

MTN MOMO is seamless, quick, easy, and cheap. And it’s available in various African countries including Nigeria, other than South Africa.

How does MTN MOMO works in South Africa

MTN MOMO South Africa have an encrypted digital wallet associated with a user’s MTN mobile phone number, which enables them to keep, manage and transact money.

However, you will need an active MTN Mobile Money Account before you can begins to use the service. To get started, dial *120*151# on your phone and follow the onscreen prompts to register an account.

You can also check the MTN website or contact a local MTN Mobile Money representative for about account creation. Also, you make enquiries on the services maybe it's currently available in your country.

How to use MTN Mobile Money

There are various options to use MTN Mobile Money wallet in South Africa. You can use MTN MOMO wallet to:

  • Send and receive payment
  • Store funds received
  • Send money to other MTN MOMO users both within and outside the country
  • Purchase airtime to mobile customer other than MTN users
  • Withdraw money from any location that accept MTN Mobile Money.
  • Pay bills such as Data purchase
  • Purchase and pay for insurance

And lots more...

How to check MTN Mobile Money balance

To check your remaining balance on MTN Mobile Money wallet can be done is a few different ways in South Africa. You can simply dial *120*151# on your mobile for all MoMo-related transactions in South Africa by following the prompts on the page.

However, to have better experience, download the MTN MoMo app. It possesses many useful features, like balance and interest rate checking, transactions history and account statement etc. It also provides a more streamlined interface for managing your various MTN mobile services.

How to become a MTN MOMO Agent in South Africa

MTN Mobile Money Agent
MTN MoMo Agent

To become a MTN Mobile Money Agent in South Africa, simply dial 083135 and talk to a customer service or send an email to Moreso, anyone is allowed to join the group of MTN MOMO Agent.

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