Android and Chrome add passwordless login support

Meleki Passkey Passwordless Login

On Wednesday, Google started supporting passkeys, the next-generation authentication standard, to both Android and Chrome. 

"Passkeys make it easier to replace passwords and other phishable authentication factors, according to the tech giant. "They cannot be reused, don't leak in server breaches, and protect users from phishing attacks."  


As part of a broader effort to support passwordless sign-in, the feature was announced in May 2022.  

Passkeys, established by the FIDO Alliance and also backed by Apple and Microsoft, aim to replace standard passwords with unique digital keys that are stored locally on the device.  

Meleki Passkey Passwordless Login

To that end, creating a passkey requires confirmation from the end-user about the account that will be used to log in to the online service, followed by using their biometric information or the device passcode.  

Signing in to a website on a mobile device is also simple two-step process that involves choosing the account and presenting their fingerprint, face, or screen lock when asked.  


Passkeys are especially suited for browser and operating system-agnostic users, meaning that an Android user can access a passkey-enabled website using Safari on iOS or macOS, or the Chrome browser on Windows among other features.  

Google also noted that the generated passkeys are securely stored and synced to the cloud via its Password Manager to prevent lockouts, adding developers can integrate passkey support on their sites using the WebAuthn API.  

The internet giant further said that the company plans to launch an API for native Android apps in 2022 that will give users a way to choose whether to enter a passkey or save a password.

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