How to transfer money from Google Pay to Cash App

Follow the instructions given in this article to securely send money from Google Pay to Cash App.
Pay Cash App from Google Pay
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Google Pay is a digital global payment app, built by Google LLC for users to be able to send and receive money directly into their bank account linked to Google pay. Bank cards can also work instead of using bank account, especially for those that are not in the United States.

As a Google pay users, you will be able to make payment in-stores, purchase movie tickets, tickets of busses, Air tickets, pay online etc. Google pay is also known as G-Pay. In addition to it functions, G-Pay facilitate in-app, in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices and online, which makes it easy for users to make payment on their tablets, Android phones, laptop, iOS devices and even your smart watches.

In this article, I'll walk you through how you can send money from your Google pay to Cashapp. Cash App is another popular online payment method which is mostly used by people in the U.S.

Both Google Pay and Cash App uses user's phone number to create account for them for in-app, in-store, online, P2P and tap-to-pay transactions. However, these payments app users usually ask that 'how I transfer money from Google Pay to Cash App account?'

But before I dive into that, please allow me to discuss how to open Google pay and Cash App to newbies.

As a beginner, do note that before you can start to use Google Pay and Cash App, you must first open account with these payments app. Google pay is available to users around the world, while Cash App is only available to people in the United States and United Kingdom.

So, to create an account with Google pay and Cash App, you will need to download the payment app first. Download Google pay app here on Play store for Android users and here for iOS users.

For Cash App, you can also download the payment app on play store for Android users and iOS app store for iOS users.

After you successfully downloaded the app, open it and setup your preferred language. Then register an account with your phone number. However, make sure the number you will be using is registered with your bank because you will need a confirmation code to proceed with the account registration.

After that, confirm your email ID, then you'll receive a confirmation email on your registered phone number with a one-time password (OTP) which you need to enter in the Google Pay to complete the setup of account.

Next, you will need to setup your security features. You have the options to secure your payment app using lock screen options like pattern or fingerprint or face unlocked. Secondly, you can create a PIN for your Google Pay security and privacy instead of using automatic lock from device.

After the completion of these steps, you Google Pay account will be created and you can start using for online and retail transactions. Now, let's proceed to how you can transfer money from Google Pay to Cash App.

How to send money from Google Pay to Cash App

To make any payments from your Google pay to Cash App, you'll need to link your Cash Card to your Google Pay Account. What is Cash Card?

Cash card is well-known as ATM card or bank card. It's a dedicated payment card issued by a financial institution which enables holder to withdraw money from a cash machine.

Follow the below steps to link a cash card to your Google Pay Account.

  • Launch your Google Pay account and select 'Payment Methods'
  • Next, select 'Add Card' then click on 'Proceed' to continue
  • Enter your cash card number, cvv and expiry date.
  • Then verify the card belongs to you. However, issuances verification methods differs from each other
  • After the completion of the verification, you've successfully link your bank card with your Cashapp.

Your account will now be able to send and receive money to another payment platform like Cash App.

Send money to Cash App from Google Pay

Follow the below instructions to send money from Google Pay to Cash App Account. However, do note that you cannot transfer funds directly from your G-Pay to Cash App, you can only use the indirect method.

  • Login to your Google Pay account
  • In your dashboard, tap on New Payment
  • Tap the bank transfer option
  • Enter receiver's bank account details
  • Enter amount you wish to send and hit send.


  • Instead of taping the bank payment options
  • Select card payment options and transfer the money into your Google Pay Card


  • When the money has appear in the preferred account - bank account or card
  • Next, login to cash app and click on add money
  • Use the card option and enter your card details then tap pay.
  • Use the bank option by transferring the fund directly from your mobile money to Cash App account number

That is just the simple indirect ways to transfer money from Google Pay to Cash App without any hassles.

How to use Google Pay to make payment

Google pay application can be used in various ways to make payment apart from Cash App Methods. Those methods includes;

  1. Pay in store
  2. Send money to family and friends

Pay in-store

You can easily pay in-stores on your Google Pay account. To make in-store payment have different strategies depending on your country.

In some country, you may need to unlock your phone, while you may need to move the device closer to the payment reader for a few seconds.

In some cases, if the stores uses older software, you may need to follow instructions on the screen to make the purchase.

Send Money to Friend and Family

Use Google Pay to send money to friends and family simply by scanning the QR-code on the recipient's device. You can also send money to them by providing their phone number, name, or email address.

Conclusion: Google Pay Vs Cash App

You can only send money from Google Pay to Cash App indirectly. Though both payments app can be used to pay in-stores and online but they are different from each other in many ways.

Take for instant, Google pay is available all over the world, while Cash App is only available in the United States and United Kingdom. So, to transfer money between the two app, you will need to do it indirectly, in the sense of sending the funds to an intermediary before it gets to the desire payment app.

Here is the quick recap of what you've been reading so far:

  • How to link cash card to Google pay
  • How to send money from Google pay to Cash App
  • How to use Google pay to make other payments.
  • Google pay vs Cash App

Thanks for reading this article. Please share this with your network online and do more by publishing your opinions, suggestions and correction in the comments section.

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